John Remington Graham, who has practiced law for over fifty years, working as a public defender, public prosecutor, and law professor, has written a detailed piece demonstrating with authority and scientific rigor that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston bomber, cannot be guilty as charged in the indictment. Drawing on his extensive experience in forensic science, he quickly observed, “the FBI crime lab and the indictment against Mr. Tsarnaev, and also the major news media, stated that the culprits were carrying black backpacks, filled with heavy pressure cooker bombs, at the time of the explosions, yet Dzhokhar in particular who was charged, not to mention his deceased brother Tamerlan, was shown in a still-frame photo from a street surveillance video used by the FBI to identify the suspects, carrying a light-weight white or silvery bag over his right shoulder only minutes before the explosions.”
John Remington Graham has also assisted Maret Tsarnaeva, the aunt of Dzhokhar, to file pro se papers in the federal district court in Boston asking that she be recognized as a friend of the court such that she could present exculpatory evidence showing that Dzhokhar could not have detonated the bomb he was supposed to have detonated. Graham has also filed a motion in behalf of three distinguished citizens of the United States, Drs. Fetzer, Maxwell, and Baruja, to intervene and be heard as friends of the court.