Ongoing study: What is in the vaccines?

That’s the million dollar question.

To answer the question, team Korsgaard publishing has secured 15 Covid-19 vaccines – specifically, 9 Pfizer, 2 Moderna, 2 Johnson & Johnson, and 2 AstraZeneca. We have a forensic laboratory ready to test them to determine the ingredients, possible contaminants, and undisclosed substances.  

We have been given a price of $2000 per vaccine. After each analysis, the laboratory will prepare a detailed report containing all the raw data and results.

As soon as $2000 has been collected, the laboratory will begin with the Pfizer vaccine. If we gather sufficient funds for additional analyses, we will subsequently also test the other vaccines in this order: Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca. The top goal is thus $8000 for testing all of the vaccines.

Fundraiser here:

Reports will be released to the public.  

Why is this important?   

Considerable doubt exists in regard to the actual ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccines. For instance, Pablo Campra, a professor at the University of Almería in Spain, claims to have identified graphene oxide nanomaterials in the vaccines by means of Raman spectroscopy. Follow the endnotes if you want to peruse his reports [1, 2].

There are several scientific reasons as to why graphene oxide may have used in the vaccines. For example, on September 27, 2020, the Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology filed patent CN112220919A for a “nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as carrier” [3]. However, graphene oxide is highly toxic and has been shown to be able to produce genotoxicity, pulmonary injury, promote cancer metastasis, and many other serious complications. More than 60 peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated these ill effects in vivo or in vitro [4]. Vaccine officials have denied using the substance.

We contacted experts in chemistry and nanoscience, but only one, a full professor of analytical chemistry from a university in Germany, was willing to speak to us under the promise of anonymity. He told us that he had read the publications of Dr. Campra, who had “done all the right things” in order to confirm or disconfirm the presence of graphene oxide. “The data looks fine” the professor said, and concluded that “it really seems to be the case that the vaccines contain graphene oxide.” We would, however, still need to replicate his study in order to be absolutely sure, he said.

Not only has graphene oxide nanomaterials purportedly been identified, but also other possible undisclosed ingredients/contaminants [5, 6]. Furthermore, an EDX Analysis has revealed that the vaccines may contain chromium and iron, but officially they contain no metals [7]. The EDX analysis did not include the Moderna vaccine.

COVID vaccines have been mandated in many parts of the world, and the public deserves to know the actual composition of the vaccines.

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