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PCR Interviewed by Soren Korsgaard, Editor of The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published

My readers are unlikely to need education that Trump’s reelection was prevented, but my summary of the conclusive evidence that the presidential election was stolen as the result of a well organized plot will rescue anyone brainwashed by the presstitutes’ repeated false assertion that there is no evidence of electoral theft.

My readers would be interested in Korsgaard’s book. He titles the book The Most Dangerous Book Ever Written because it explains the deceptions being used to set us up for a totalitarian existence. The book–765 pages–is a collection of essays by Korsgaard, Jerry Day, James Corbett, Gideon Polya, John Remington Graham, Reiner Fuellmich, and it includes 18 of my essays.øren+roest+korsgaard&qid=1610382272&sr=8-2

There is too much for a review, but I can give you an overview. In “One World Digital Dictatorship,” Korsgaard describes the social credit system that is being put in place in China. The social credit system is a behavior control system.The digital revolution allows mass spying, and China is using the capability to develop a real time profile of every citizen. A citizen’s social credit profile determines whether they may go to university, have a passport, a driving license, qualify for a loan, or have a pet. The individual loses all privacy and all autonomy and conforms his behavior to the government’s standard. In another essay, “The Future of Life in a Digital Gulag,” Korsgaard compares life in the digital world to solitary confinement in prison. He describes the ongoing work of American academics who are advocating “moral enhancement pills” in order to manipulate individuals’ moral behaviors by biological means in order to achieve conformity with desired behavior as determined by our controllers. The disregard of our constitutional protections by university professors should alarm us all. Many are committed to totalitarian control.

Jerry Day gives us “A Hard [and scary] Look At Artificial Intelligence.” People have no idea of the danger that is being set lose on us.

Defense attorney John Remington Graham takes up the case of the alleged Boston Marathon Bombing and shows that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted in the face of the FBI’s own evidence which proved his innocence.

Gideon Polya addresses the atrocities committed by the war criminals in our midst and the ease with which they get away with their mass murders.

Reiner Fuellmich explains how the “Covid pandemic” was crammed down out throats.

James Corbett unloads on Bill Gates and shows Gates to be a greater danger to us than Covid and global warming.

All of us need to expand our minds and develop our awareness of the rising threats to us as individuals who make our own choices. If we are unaware of the intention to turn us into Borgs, we cannot resist. The essays are very readable and provide intelligent relief from the propaganda dished out by the lie factories.

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