Jerry Day

Escaping the Traps of Corporate Impostor Government

A lot of people are starting to question, where does government get the authority to infinitely raise taxes and expand their own authority in apparent violation of constitutional limitations? We have a right to own property, yet property is taxed; we have a right to travel, but they tell us we must be licensed to drive our cars, whether or not we have caused any damage by driving a car. There is obviously some kind of major disconnect between the rights and freedoms that are legally provided to us in the Constitution and the controls and costs that government arbitrarily imposes upon us. The Constitution is violated every day by the wording in many statutes and codes and by the actions of the state, and the state is no longer concerned with correcting these problems or even admitting that they exist.
You may have noticed that what calls itself government is always asking for your signature on licenses, permits, applications, tax forms, and such. If it is our legitimate government, why does it need our signature on anything? If it were acting on constitutional authority, could it not just identify us as citizens and tell us what we are required to do? The fact is our Constitution does not allow government to tax us on our earnings, or infringe on our right to travel, or tax our property, or interfere in any way with any of our harmless activities. Government does not intrinsically have that authority. The only way they can penalize us for harmless, behavioral violations of their codes, and get us to comply with endless reams of arbitrary nonsense is if we agree to sign something, giving up the rights that we have naturally and automatically under the Constitution.
They must get us to agree to step outside the Constitution where simple force and command is all they need to control us. This is not constitutional government authority at all: it is fabricated authority. All of the infringement on us of government demands, nuisance, and thievery are based on contracts that we sign, thinking we have no choice, and without really knowing what those contracts are going to cost us. Your signature can never be lawfully coerced. You can never be denied any government service for refusing to sign something. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that you can have the service and protection of government if you sign something. If you are a lawful citizen then everything government is and does is owed to you. If the government makes you think that you are required to sign something, they are coercing you into contract and that contract is corrupt and technically unenforceable due to that coercion. The same is true if the full terms of the contract are not disclosed to you, which they rarely are. This business of getting you to sign something is nothing more than a devious and deceitful scam to get you to waive your rights, and become a slave in one way or another to a corporate entity posing as government.
After we sign these civic contracts, government begins to treat us as though we are slaves to their every desire, and they are very careful to never tell us how they did that. Was there ever a time when you signed a government form and wished you did not have to do it, that means you were coerced, actually you didn’t have to sign it. You may never be required to imprint your signature without your full consent; you may never be penalized or denied any right or service that has otherwise owed to you by refusing to sign anything. Your signature represents your full voluntary agreement with the terms of the contract. When you sign something, you are regarded, legally, as the author of that contract. If you do not want to sign something, or you do not understand it, you should never provide your signature, and you should never permit anyone to threaten you in any way for refusing to sign. It is important to remember that slavery does not always require force. Anytime you agree to become a slave, you can become a slave. The word slavery does not have to be in the contract. If you give up your property, rights, and freedoms, or status you are entering slavery in one form or another. If you sign something where you agree to comply, or be controlled in any way, you are entering slavery voluntarily, and to get out you must revoke that contract.
Most civic programs, nowadays, depend on our ignorance of their illegitimate status as they demand that we sign up for their artificial force, command, and control. The proof of the illegitimacy of what calls itself government, is that they need to acquire our signature on various instruments before they have any right to act against us in any way. We have to invite them to put us into their slavery. Our signature is our invitation. Constitutionally, we are all free sovereigns who may not be diverted in any way from our harmless travels, business, and pursuit of happiness.
Obviously, the Constitution is no longer being observed by the people who swear to uphold it. They inflict mandatory taxes and compliance on us, as if it were the natural way of things, as if we were slaves and they were masters. If we want to be free again, we must learn to not sign contracts with civic agencies, and we must revoke the contracts we already have signed. If you must sign it, it is not a constitutional or legitimate government function, it is a corporate contract luring you into servitude and contribution to the state, as if the state can simply reach out and take from you whatever of yours it decides it needs.
Our government was designed and created to be a harmless and incidental maintainer of civic infrastructure, and a defender of our borders from attackers. Our government has reinvented itself as a tyrannical meddler and thief, touching absolutely every tiny corner of our lives with damage and nuisance that is strictly prohibited in our supreme law: The Constitution. Every one of us has signed something enabling them to do that. Men and women are not automatically subject to the made-up quasi-governmental corporate jurisdictions that suffocate us today. To become obligated or controlled, we must first enter those jurisdictions by signing contracts, such as driver’s licenses, tax forms, business licenses, marriage licenses, various permits, certifications, applications, and many other contractual instruments, which civic agencies must have in their files before they can arbitrarily act against you as they constantly now do. Of course, when we sign those instruments, we are generally not told of all the obligations presumed against us under those contracts, and all the rights we are presumed to forfeit, when we sign those contracts with the corporate entities who are posing as governments.
Again, when the government is conducting legitimate activity, your signature is not required. The single piece of evidence that government is trying to expand its authorities and privileges is when they are asking you for your signature. Because of the lack of disclosure of the presumed terms of those contracts, there is question whether they are valid at all. If any deception or coercion is committed in the securement of a contract that contract is not valid or legally enforceable, yet enforce it they do because after all, you signed something, and therefore you must agree. If you sign a form to get a driver’s license, you are promising to obey all the vehicle codes, but what happens when they change those codes? You had not agreed to the changes, government no longer has your willing consent to compliance, so what do they do? They tell you that you must renew your license or registration, periodically, that is proof of what I am saying. There is certainly no need for renewal of legitimate government authority. By applying for or renewing a driver’s license, you are declaring that you need one. You are declaring yourself to be subject to whatever terms may have been invented by the DMV corporate subculture. Having a driver’s license does not mean you are a safe and qualified driver, it means you have declared yourself to be subject to DMV rules and corporate authority posing as government. It means that you agree to pay fees, fines, and charges when the DMV or the courts want you to pay. You agree to walk into a jail cell when they want you to do that. The Constitution does not allow government to charge you for traveling, you must sign away that right to be subject to those charges. The license, applications, and renewals are your personal declaration that you need to be licensed to drive. You agreement that you must have a special piece of identification in your pocket or purse. It is your signature, not the Constitution, that declares you are willing to be a servant to those who want to seize your right to travel.
You may believe that licensing every single driver in society makes the roads safer, that is debatable. But even if it is true, there are many ways to make roads safer without taxing and controlling every single driver, the good ones along with the bad. It is the bad drivers that we should be concerned with, not taking away the rights and taxing all the drivers when it violates their rights to travel.
Most agencies representing themselves as government can strangely be found in the private corporation listings on Dun & Bradstreet, and they are not acting in the public interest at all. They are private, for-profit, corporations, and they are not constitutionally-authorized governments or government agencies: they are treasonous imposters claiming rights against your earnings, savings, property, and freedom. That corporate imposter government includes our court system, our federal agencies, state and local governments, even law enforcement agencies and officers. Wherever you find unconstitutional enforcements, those are not legitimate governments or authorized civic agencies. Our constitutional government has been gradually, silently, and fraudulently replaced by a corporate matrix of predatory, for profit, institutions, which prey on the public for profit and power, and which claim unlimited authority, without explaining where that authority possibly could have come from.
The website is a public service to help people remove themselves from the questionable jurisdictions and obligations that they did not intend to enter, and often were not even told they were entering, and had no legal obligation to enter, since most of those contracts are licensing activities that you and I have a right to do anyway, such as travel on the roads that we paid for, and own property that we paid for. As we have seen by the ill-conceived and failed endless drug war, which has imprisoned millions of people who had no victim, and by official highway piracy under the euphemism of civil asset forfeiture, which steals billions of dollars a year from people, who are charged with no crime and who received no due process. Not to mention thousands of police shootings, where officers have faced no prosecution much less any serious investigation, more and more of us are being subject to these gross injustices by this system, and by some ignorant police who feel entitled to threaten and commit violence and force against us, as they accomplish nothing but profiteering for their employers. was created to help all people who would like to find resources and solutions to help enable them to avoid and revoke the fraudulent civic contracts, they have been convinced to sign.

Jerry Day is an Emmy-winning media producer in Southern California with millions of views on his freedom and rights themed videos on YouTube under the name “minivanjack.” Jerry Day also maintains the websites and to assist people with solutions to the excess wireless radiation now flooding our living environments and causing widespread illness and death.

Jerry Day originally published “Escaping the Traps of Corporate Impostor Government” in September 2017 on YouTube. It has been transcribed by Lady Jane Emefa Addy and Oluwafunmilayo Elizabeth Bamidele.

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