There are many people today who are now very aware that the world is not what it seems. Though the vast majority have traditionally put their faith in government to solve social issues for them, the current world situation has caused people to pause, and large numbers are now beginning to question whether that faith may have been misplaced. In fact many are doing so quite openly as so the veil is falling away from people’s eyes and they are now beginning to realize that what they previously viewed as Government, i.e.: those who manage social infrastructure on behalf of the people, is quite simply and very obviously not serving their best interests.

Many now realize that the Government that may have once served them to some degree, as contrived as it may have been, has now blatantly become a mechanism for social control run by a tightly knit and well organized group all of whom are all serving a particular agenda. And if actions can count for anything, then it would appear that agenda is not one of service to their countries or their peoples, but rather of service to corporate and financial power to the great detriment of the people.

People have attempted various ways to deal with this situation, usually by voting people in or voting people out, replacing one leader with another or one party with another. Occasionally we see protesting, street marches and sometimes on rare occasions, simple noncompliance to legislation. By using these methods sometimes the agenda is slowed a little, but no action has yet provided remedy from the corruption that is now so apparent in the world.

Via these methods the agenda sometimes can, and has been be slowed to some degree, but never has it been stopped. And political remedies are simply an exercise in futility has history clear demonstrates that regardless of which party is voted into power, the control grid continues to consolidate its power. So the question becomes: how can mankind ever attain emancipation from the economic and psychological slavery systems that now control them? And perhaps more importantly, what will become of humankind should we fail to do so?

The barrier most people come up against in attempting to address these questions is very often a failure to fully comprehend the nature of the matrix that enslaves them. People also often take the view that the ultimate control system will be wielded by the hand of government and so the remedy will be found in voting. Then they look for a new person to place in office. Someone who will lead them to safety without they themselves ever having to really be involved. But rest assured, no remedy will ever be found while maintaining such a mind-set. Politics is a puppet show. It is theatre for the masses, a sleight of hand operation to give people the illusion of choice in what is already a foregone conclusion, ultimately leading towards a predetermined and well defined goal. There is no remedy to be found in Politics. Yet the system itself is a double-edged sword and if people act now while the facade is still in place, it may be quite effectively used against itself – at least in some countries.

In attempting to define the matrix that controls us and clearly see where we are being led, it is important to step back and view the system holistically. Government are not the real controllers of anything, they are simply puppets who are following a script. We get to ‘elect’ the main players, but we do not get to ‘select’ those we ‘elect’. They are each selected for us by the financial interests they serve. And sure, privately issued debt based money that places people in an artificial state of scarcity thereby forcing them to compete with each other, is the catalyst that keeps the wheels turning. It is a huge part of the problem. But it is the system itself that is the real issue. Even if fiat currencies were replaced by crypto currencies and the entire economic system became completely decentralized, “the system” is still there and it is that mechanism itself that needs to be identified and dealt with. And it goes far beyond government or banking because the control system itself is, in essence, a mind-set, it is an idea. It is a meme, largely unnoticed and people simply buy into it, without even knowing they are doing so. And in doing so, they unknowingly contribute to the construction of their own prison every single day. And that is what makes it so difficult for so many to identify and precisely what makes our current situation so dangerous.

As our societies have become ever more virtual and digital, it has become extremely easy to identify potential dissenters and to track people’s movements. But it is not only people’s movements that are being tracked, it is quite literally every aspect of people’s lives. Most people have no real concept as to the extent of which this takes place. It isn’t just some online information or digital calls that are monitored and collected. It’s everything. And it is not even fair to describe this data collection as tracking so much as mapping. And that’ why everything is collected, it has to be, otherwise you do not get a true map of the terrain.

By creating a digital, virtual world for people online, where most people now buy digitally, talk, mail, research, learn, investigate, and even view TV digitally – and most carry a GPS locator with them at all times (mobile phone) it has now provided those who control the system with a veritable wealth of information on peoples personal habits, their likes and dislikes and what society is generally focusing on. Monitoring what people are typing into search engines for example, does not just provide information on what is being searched for but vital information on what people are thinking about and provides government a mechanism to be able to effectively map the entire human terrain on a world wide scale. And as society becomes more and more digital, with each further step of an added ‘convenience’ to our lives, so the control grid further consolidates it’s power.

The digital control grid is in fact almost in place. It has been introduced under the guise of convenience and security and people have quite willingly handed control of their lives over to this system. They have been ever wary of government, but have failed to notice how controlled their lives have become due to the technology they now use. When government is able to eliminate cash and all transactions become digital, and the entire system is run by algorithms, then even they will no longer be needed. They can simply relax, step off the merry go round, and let the slave system run itself. By that time everyone’s financial assets will have become digital. And when ones wealth and security, indeed almost every aspect of their lives only exists in a virtual world it becomes a simple matter to simply switch a person off and deny them access to all they own. Such people are not likely to step out of line. Even for a moment.

Such a system will also be extremely effective in ensuring no truly functional alternate communities are possible. This can be very easily achieved via the introduction of a digital currency and social crediting system. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, crypto or otherwise. If the system goes fully digital and you are simply “not qualified” for certain goods and services due to your political views and the low social credit rating you have been allotted because of those views, then your bank account and personal wealth will have zero relevance.

Smart devices, smart homes with smart appliances and smart meters when used in unison provide a very effective and comprehensive method of surveillance and monitoring of individual homes. Through these devices the controllers have now gained an access point into the home, and the ability to monitor individual energy consumption over a wide spectrum of appliances. This will eventually be coupled with digital credits against energy use and morph into a “pay as you go” arrangement whereby each use of any device will be registered and payment for use deducted in real time. Very likely the use of these devices will be governed in the manner of: what energy you get from the system is determined by what energy you contribute to the system. Under such a pay-as-you-go system, it will even be extremely easy to limit peoples access to certain services commonly available in their own homes.

This is the control grid that is now being rolled out across all western countries. It is a digital smart grid based on a social crediting system. Once rolled out it will soon to become fully automated and totally AI controlled simply because such a complex system could only ever be run that way. And if humankind simply does nothing and unwittingly allows such a system to go online, it will be an extremely difficult situation to find any escape from. Indeed in the future that will develop from the implementation of such a system, the concept of freedom will fast become little more than a fanciful memory.

Yet we still have every opportunity to prevent this from ever becoming a reality just as long as people can recognize it for what it is, inform others and refuse to comply. Indeed, as fictional and dysfunctional as our legal systems are, while the masses still sleep and the controllers must pretend their law is real to appease the masses, we can use use it to our advantage – to a degree. There are still mechanisms in place within the fiction that can be used to make noise and at worst, invoking the legal system against itself and then finding no remedy, may perhaps go some way towards demonstrating to the masses that it’s all fiction anyway.

Its pointless attempting to appeal to the better character of Politicians, they simply dont have one. And perhaps people may finally realize they have been played. The Politicians simply made the whole thing up. In fact, there IS no law and perhaps we need to acknowledge that fact and work on re-establishing some NATURAL LAW in this world. And when all is said and done, all that is really required is a common focus and a united voice from the people. It is a simple thing, yet under our current environment, one of the most difficult things to attain.

For my own part, I still believe we can do this. We can have both technology and freedom. To be quite honest, in a real, and open, and open society, I would love a real smart grid, one that worked, one that served us. There is nothing wrong with technology, there is nothing wrong with a smart system and there is nothing at all wrong with digital cash. What is wrong is the simple fact that the world is run by criminals. And that is who is controlling the shift into the smart system.

That is what’s wrong. Deal with that one problem, and all the other problems go away.

In Lak’ech
Max Igan

Author Since: Dec 03, 2019

  1. There is no solution to this problem when viewed from the perspective that we are a society of victims constrained to operate in a potentially decent system controlled by criminals.

    Your reference to a need to re-establish NATURAL LAW is correct. In the currency of that eternal law, freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin.

    When an individual surrenders personal responsibility, whether surrendered to a collective or another individual and whether for convenience or a false sense of trust, he also surrenders his freedom to that entity. Thus, when we ask government to provide for us, we become as sheep living in a world also populated by wolves who relish the opportunity to accommodate us. We are not victims but self-deluded souls excited by the two conflicting passions which Natural Law will never accommodate simultaneously; we want to be led while wanting to remain free.

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