It’s Time to Give Up Your Guns Folks …really?

With what appears to be a serious push to introduce gun control, the people of the United States now find themselves at one of the most important crossroads in the Nation’s history. This is of course a very natural reaction to the ever growing number of mass shooting that seem to occur almost every other day on the United States these days but in the face of such a drastic response, the questions must be asked, are all these shootings really what they appear to be on the surface and is gun control really the answer?

Democide, or death by Government, has always been the world’s leading cause of death and it remains that way to this day. As I repeatedly point out to people there were 262 million people murdered by their own Governments just in the 20th century alone. The United States, first constructed as it was, as a Constitutional Republic, was designed to ensure that such a thing could never be possible in their Nation. To be certain of this, each inhabitant of the land was granted the right to bear arms, not for hunting, as the Government and media of today would have the people believe but for the express purpose of protecting themselves from Government corruption and providing them the means to reclaim their country, should it ever fall into Tyranny. Essentially, they were given the right to bear arms in order to deal with the situation they are facing right now.

When one examines the history of Government, any Government, it is very easy to see and quite often readily admitted by them in later years, that these institutions have frequently used terrorism as a means of swaying popular opinion in order to achieve their objectives. It has happened time and time again, as I said, later even openly admitted and many simply do not realize that it is still happening today quite simply because terrorism still remains the single most effective way of swaying popular opinion. It gets the job done quick. No questions asked, no pesky procedures to follow. They use it because it works… like nothing else. And they know it because they have done it before. Many, many times. The problem is that people simply forget. Their televisions have lulled them into complacency and they simply believe it could never happen today. But the reality is that nothing whatsoever has changed and upon any real investigation at all, there should be little doubt in anyone’s mind that the recent and rapidly escalating spate of random shootings at schools and similar venues across the United States have been scripted, orchestrated and staged by agents of the state themselves and for the very purpose of removing the people of their ability to be able to resist what is coming.

“It is only prudent never to place complete confidence in that by which we have even once been deceived.” ~ René Descartes

Terrorism, or at least the fear of terrorism, has always been a huge factor in swaying social opinion. It has always been that way ever since the formation of society and nothing has changed. It is terrorism that has lead the United States into its current gun debate but yet if one looks a little deeper, if indeed the decision is final and gun confiscation of any kind does actually take place, such a law will be enforced by agents of the state who will use terrorism in order to do so.

Let me restate, that Democide, or death by Government, has always been the world’s leading cause of death and to the tune of 262 million people who were murdered by their own Governments in the 20th century alone.

And please take a moment to really let those words sink in.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting. It never was. The Second Amendment is about protecting your freedom and saving your life. To relinquish that right is to put oneself in harms way and is pure folly.

For my part, well, I dont even like guns. I dont own one, don’t want one and don’t feel I need one and removing them all from the world? well that would suit me just fine. But the reality is that guns exist. And there’s a lot of them. That’s simply the way it is. And in that situation, given their track record, if a Government, any Government, as corrupt as the ones that hold power in the world today, with police as heavily armed and as brutal as those we see today – most especially in the United States, seeks to ban firearms, say: No problem – You first. Because truly, anyone who believes that in the current climate of today’s world the only ones who should be armed is the State and their agents, is completely and utterly delusional to a point that defies any and all rational analysis. In fact to my mind, such a person is stark raving mad.

“Only he who has no use for the empire is fit to be entrusted with it.”
~ Zhuangzi

In Lak’ech

Max Igan

Author Since: Dec 03, 2019

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