Gideon Polya

2021-02-13. Summary of “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” by Gideon Polya – Climate Criminal Australia & US Ignore Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions

Dr. Gideon Polya The climate change denialist Trump Administration has been replaced by the relatively sane Biden Administration, but anti-science, nationalist, exceptionalist, truth-subverting  and fascoid Trumpism continues to have  massive popular support  in the US, and in climate criminal, pro-fossil

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Jerry Day

Who Is Making Governments Self Destruct?

“Who can take an average flu season and turn it into a global economic meltdown in the space of a few weeks? It wasn’t some city or country, somebody made the entire world do that. Nations never agree on things, but it was the lockstep thing, how did somebody coordinate this? The timetable was just too short, even a school district can’t move that fast. Whoever that is, they totally control media, they totally control government, they control nearly every message we hear from our TVs, our computers, our cell phones, even our own neighbors.”

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